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Love, Romance, Passion

Welcome to my website. While you're here, take the time to look around, enjoy your walk in these virtual woods. As you may notice, Nature is the theme of my website, as it is in the books I write. But don't confuse Nature with fluff. Nature's predators are violent and swift of action, acting on instinct and the blood that drives them, as you'll see in my stories. And yet. Passion may be an integral necessity of life for those living on the fangs' edge of survival, but Romance wields her own power. Swizzle-stick Love into this triple elixir, and the heart will slam like a fist, just as it wrings the sweat and breath from a body.

An exaggeration? Hardly. This is what Romantic Fiction is all about. Some may prefer a softer, safer stroll through life. Let them be. We, the courageous and succors of heat, the predators, will push our burning pulses to the brink, preferring the tang of blood on our tongues, the snap of bone in our ears, and the steel of muscle beneath a caress. Reading romantic fiction frees us, unbinds the fetters of the urban and the urbane from our hearts so we may run with our inner predator.

Savor, don't sit back. Life is meant to be a verb.

SC Dane "Lover In Stone"

Once Lover In Stone has whetted your appetites, train your predator’s gaze on Luna, Grane, and Kenrickey, the three books of the Luna Chronicle. Then keep hunting so your instincts do not grow dull with too much civilization, too much routine, too much fear from those who recognize the carnal flint in your eye for what it is and wish to chain you.